Welcome to WytchWolf's Den!

Creating a place to share my ideas, creations and concepts. This page is currently under contruction. I am building the components as I learn more about HTML5, CSS and Javascript.


Seeking Elusive Header

Seeking Elusive

Gamification Level 2 Journeyman Project

Seeking Elusive is a game I created as my Gamification Level 2 Journeyman certification with Sententia Gamification.

This is a draft version.

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Horse silhouette

Colors of Horses

JavaScript Matching Game

A card matching game built with JavaScript. You match the horse coat colors. I am using to to help me learn JavaScript.

This is the initial version of the game.

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Save Camp Gamicon

Save Camp Gamicon (Part 1)

Presented at TechLearn 2021

Part 1 of a gamified teaser for Camp Gamicon 2021. Approximately 125 TechLearn attendees enjoyed the escape room as they learned more about Camp Gamicon.

This is not the complete escape room.

Can You Save Camp Gamicon?
Scottish Highland silhouette

Scottish Highland Gestation Calculator

Select the Breeding Date or Due date to calculate dates for breeding planning.

Breeding Date: 

Due Date: 

Actual calving dates may be 5-10 days on either side of the due date.

Scottish Highland silhouette

What color calves?

Quickly see the possible calf colors based on the color of the parents you select.

Show Me Possible Calf Colors
Can You Crack the Case? newspaper article

Can You Crack the Case?

Built with Google Forms and Free Tools

It’s been all over the news. There was a brutal stabbing with no evidence other than a police sketch based on the only witness’ description of the suspect. You are the town’s newest detective, and this is your very first solo-case.

Can You Crack the Case?


Animated Preloader Examples

SVG preloaders examples. Colors, speed and animations can be easily changed.

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Running wolf

Animated SVG

Running Wolf

SVG images created in Illustrator and then Animated with Animate CC.

Animated SVG exported using Animated SVG Exporter available on Adobe Exchange.

Adobe Exchange